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discover scuba diving

Try a half Day Dive Experience on Koh Tao

If you have never scuba dived before but would like to have an underwater koh Tao diving experience yourself then why not do a try dive.

Your instructor will guide you through some basic underwater skills in shallow water whilst you get comfortable. This is then followed by a dive where you learn to scuba dive whilst getting to see the underwater life.

A young scuba diver trying out a PADI Discover Scuba dive

- Be at least 10 yo
- Be medically fit to dive

  • Duration Half day


  • Price 1 dive: 2500

  • Price 2 dives: 3500

What is included in your Discover Scuba Dive experience

  • Dive briefing given by the instructor

  • Shallow (Confined Water) training dive followed by a dive around the reef

  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving Participant Guide

  • Dive Insurance

  • Option to make additional Open Water dives

  • All scuba diving equipment

Schooling Bannerfish
First time divers pictured with a school of Bigeye Snapperfish

What to expect in your Discover Scuba Dive experience

Orientation & Knowledge Development

Your instructor will introduce you to the basic concepts including the effects of pressure and how to equalize your ears, the importance of correct breathing techniques and why you should never hold your breath.

The Instructor led knowledge development session along with the paperwork will take approximately 45mins to complete.

How To-Mask Clear

How To-Mask Clear

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