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sai daeng beach

Sai Daeng beach in koh Tao

After your diving activities are finished you can choose to relax at our private beach which we share with one other resort.
You can swim and snorkel in the bay where you have a good chance of seeing a turtle and in the evenings you can take a look at the Black Tip reef sharks that come in when the sun starts to come down.

You can also have a lazy afternoon on the resorts numerous sun loungers where you can sip cold drinks brought to you from our beach front restaurant/bar.
When you are hungry you can pop over to the beach front restaurant to have a bit to eat where they offer a range of Thai and foreign foods at a reasonable price.

coral view resort beach.JPG
Beach bar at Sai Daeng bay in koh Tao
Beach bar at Sai Daeng bay in koh Tao
Beach lounging chairs at Coral view Resort in koh Tao
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