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Do your Scuba diving with us whilst you are on Koh Tao

We generally dive on the eastern side of the island as there are significantly less dive boats and divers. Most other koh Tao diving schools depart from the main pier on the western side and therefore prefer to dive koh Tao close by in order to meet their schedules.

There are more koh Tao diving sites on the eastern side which are generally better so we can show you these great sites with little competition. We have sites for divers of all levels, from shallow reefs to deeper pinnacles and wrecks. 

We generally go diving koh Tao from the dive boat in the morning at 8.30 am and after doing 2 dives at different sites we return before 1.00 pm. 

CV Divers dive boat at Shark island koh Tao
Divers on their way to dive from Sai Daeng beach

What is included in your diving trip

  • An instructor or dive master to guide your dive

  • All scuba diving equipment

If you have not dived recently, you will have to do a refresher course before we can take you diving.

We will either advise a quick inwater refresher or a full PADI Reactivate course depending upon how long ago you last dived. 

- Be at least 10 yo
- Be medically fit to dive

- Recently dived
- Show proof of being a certified diver


  • Duration half a day

  • Price 2 dive boat trip: THB 2000

Scuba divers going diving koh Tao at Shark island

What to expect during your diving trip

After filling out the required paperwork your dive guide will help you choose and put on your diving equipment at our dive store located at Sai Daeng beach.


When ready you will climb aboard our boat from the beach and start to set up your equipment. The boat will leave the beach and head towards your first dive site where you get to enjoy the scenery of koh Tao from the sea. When we arrive the the site you will put on your equipment and the dive guide will give you a safety briefing and check that you have done the required buddy checks.

Your dive guide will then take you diving for either a maximum 50 minute dive or until someone in the group is down to 50 bar which ever comes first. After your first dive you will drive to a second dive site and after a suitable surface interval you will be taken for another dive.

When you have had your underwater fun you will be brought back to the beach to wash up and fill out your log book.

A scuba diving instructor with his recently certified student going diving in koh Tao
Whale Shark at Southwest Pinnacle

Whale Shark at Southwest Pinnacle

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Stellate Pufferfish

Stellate Pufferfish

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